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Capitol Hill Florist is a florist in West Nichols Hills OK. Different forms of art have also used florals both as main subjects and backdrop details. From music, literature, and sculpture, people have used flowers to express themselves. Now we see how blooms have always lightened lives and made occasions more special. We'll discover more on flowers in art below, so keep reading! Flowers as Art Subjects in Ancient History. From Ancient Egypt to modern pop art, flowers have influenced masterpieces throughout history. Popular works with flowers range from clay pots to still-life paintings. Its portrayal has been vital in creating several art forms and mediums. In fact, flowers as artists' muse in history is a course in arts studies programs. This only affirms how important blossoms are in art! Here, we'll assess the impact that flowers have on different periods in art history. We'll discover what makes them so appealing to artists and audiences alike. The lotus flower is one of the most esteemed subjects in Ancient Egyptian art. This is due to its symbolic significance in their religious myths. It was often portrayed in paintings, amulets, ceramics, and other art works. Evidence also indicates the use of florals as jewelry for the royal court.


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In medieval times, tapestries became popular as art works. This gave way to using flowers as backdrops for different types of scenery. It later birthed the form of millefleur, or a "thousand flowers". These tapestries had duplicating patterns of elegant blooms stitched on it. Artists from the Renaissance also used flowers in their myth-inspired paintings. Other artists took flowers as a focal point in their work. They created still-life paintings of fresh blooms and intricate bouquets. The Impressionist and Fauvism movements also involved the use of flowers in art. Flowers often acted as the subject of an indoor scene with a person or two beside it. Fauvism highlighted this using vivid colors. Other times, flowers were either the center of the artwork or the backdrop of the scene. Today, flowers remain as a well-loved muse among artists through pop art and modern 3D art. Pop art imagines plain common objects in a different light and color. 3D artists often use flowers to create a sculpture of another figure. They also pay homage to art from the Renaissance and Ancient Egypt. Flower Names and their Origins.

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Have you ever wondered where roses and calla lilies got their names from? Look no further! Here is a short list of popular flowers and the history behind their names. Carnation. Believed to come from the Greek word carnis (" flesh"), pertaining to its original color. Also thought to come from corone (" flower garlands"). This is because they were first used in ceremonial crowns. Dandelion. First called "lion's tooth" because of the petals' likeness to a lion's sharp teeth. The French translation "dent-de-lion" later changed into the English dandelion. Daffodil. In Greek mythology, flowers called "asphedelos" covered Elysian fields. Adapting the first d in the name later on, it translated to the modern daffodil. Daisy. Born from Old English poetics, daisies are an advanced variant of the phrase "day's eye". Holly. Called the "Holly Tree". Later known as "holly." Medieval monks believed it would guard them from evil and lightning. Lily. From Latin word lilium, from "lily of the valley". This is because it was often located in valleys. Orchid. From Greek word orchis, "testicle". Greeks thought if pregnant women ate these, their unborn child would become a boy. Rose. From the Spanish and Italian rosa. Used to name red flowers.

We talk about the history of the art of floristry. We trace how it has turned into a booming industry in today's market. We also discover how floral design evolved from traditional styles into modern forms. Then, we explore the different bodies of authority in the world of floristry. Last, we look at the essential roles that florists play in the lives of people in their community! We'll see how their flair for floral design makes an impact on their customers and peers alike. A Brief History on Floristry. The art of floristry traces back to Eastern traditions. It began with styling flowers to give as gifts to loved ones. Later, types of floral design rose up from Europe, Japan, and China. This led the way for floristry to become an official business. In the east, the oriental style of floral design focused on the lines of flowers. Its main concern was crafting compositions with a satisfying balance. This stems from their philosophies on harmony and unity. They show this aesthetic through combining flowers and foliage. In the West, the traditional style of floral design stressed using flowers as a whole. It worked towards an asymmetrical look. Through this, it achieved rhythm and inspiration in the mix of flowers and greens.

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Floristry first became a business in the Netherlands in the mid-19th century. Merchants sold pre-made bouquets to their patrons as decoration. Over time, it became an industry offering bulk orders of flowers. It also provided gardening supplies for the maintenance of flowers. Retail shops also sold freshly-plucked blooms and arrangements. They designed bouquets for a wide variety of events based on customers' requests. Since the late 19th century, schools have honored floristry as a formal course. Colleges across the Dutch islands were the first to offer floristry programs. This trend expanded across the continent of Europe. Soon enough, it came to the U.S., where the industry of flower shops began. Florists then made efforts to keep their status as a rising industry in the market. Today, most flower shops provide delivery services direct to the customer or recipient. They also present the option of placing orders via phone call or their shop's web page. What Do Florists Do? So now we know a great deal more about floristry! We also found out how it turned into a booming industry with time. What you may be asking next is: What is it that florists do, exactly? Florists are a part of some of the most beautiful moments in people's lives! We play a key role in birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, and many more events. We commit to helping people express themselves and their feelings through flower bouquets. We're devoted to giving top-notch service at all times. Whatever your needs are, we'll help you find the perfect flowers and arrangement!


West Nichols Hills, Oklahoma

Nichols Hills is a city in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, United States, and a part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. The population was 3,710 as of the 2010 census. Nichols Hills, Oklahoma coordinates at 35°32′45″N 97°32′32″W.

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