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All Things "Florist"

What is Floristry?

Floristry is a term that encompasses all parts of the floral industry. It is the production, sale, design, and transport of flowers and plants.

The floristry network begins with the farms that often specialize in growing various cultivars of a certain flower, or several different types of flowers. Those growers sell their stems to wholesale florists and export the flowers via climate-controlled planes, ships, and trucks – often across vast distances. The wholesalers act as floral distributors for the retail, wedding, and event florists in a regional area. Those local florists then hand-select each flower to create a one-of-a-kind bouquet and display it for customers, or tag it for delivery. Finally, the florist’s delivery driver loads the flower arrangement onto a van and delivers it to the recipient’s address, greeting them with a smile!

Who is a Florist?

A florist is a person who creates artistic flower and plant arrangements for some of the most important occasions in a person’s life – as well as their everyday events, or even just because! Florists fill spaces with vibrant and often fragrant bouquets for their clients and can also decorate indoor and outdoor venues for any special celebration! This is why you might have heard florists referred to as floral artists or floral designers. Florists help their clients express thoughts through flowers by assisting them with possible color and design choices. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, funeral, or another occasion, an experienced florist should be able to design a flower arrangement that gets its intended message across.

Florists must also know how to care for fresh-cut flowers, foliage, and live plants. They are responsible for looking after and maintaining their product from the time it arrives in the store up until it is delivered and accepted by the recipient. You can read more about our OKC flower delivery service here.