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Funeral Arrangements for the Dearly Departed

Sending sympathy flower arrangements to a funeral service or celebration of life can be the perfect way to commemorate the loss of a loved one. Doing so is also customary in sending condolences to the family left behind. Designers create these floral tributes with the utmost care. They know that the bouquet they will design for a dearly departed is an expression of love and a final proclamation of endearment. The style and colors are selected by the client and have significance to them or the deceased. Getting everything correct in the design is crucial for such a solemn occasion because emotions are high, and the bouquet’s first impression is often the last.

Commemorative Flower Arrangements

When a family member or close friend sends a flower arrangement to their loved one’s service, the design can be as intimate and personalized as they wish. After presenting the client with some different styles, they have the opportunity to customize the arrangement in any way. The three most common styles are slumber room baskets, easel sprays, and vase arrangements. But there are two that usually get reserved for the family to purchase, should they choose to. The first is a casket spray - most commonly selected for traditional funeral services and visitations where a casket will be present. And the second is a memorial wreath for a celebration of life or memorial service where an urn, photograph, or another memento typically gets placed in its center.

Sympathy Bouquets and Plants

There is no single way to comfort someone who has just lost their loved one. But there are many ways your local flower shop can help you express sympathy to a grieving family. They can assist with selecting certain flowers or incorporating specific colors that the recipients might enjoy most. A floral designer can also suggest common bouquet styles, whether that be in a vase, in a basket, or on an easel. If you are looking for something that lasts longer than fresh-cut flowers, sending a blooming or foliage plant is another fantastic option! Our expert floral design team can guide you through whichever floral selections you may choose for a funeral, celebration of life, or memorial service.

Check out our online sympathy section to look at some options, or call us at 405-634-3368 to discuss custom bouquets with one of our floral designers.