To all of our loyal customers,


Events surrounding the recent COVID-19 pandemic have caused much fear, panic, and uncertainty in America and around the world.


At Capitol Hill Florist and Gifts, we want you to know that our team is ready to serve you. We are taking the virus very seriously and have initiated several steps to help mitigate any spread as follows:



With all of the cancelations, many people will be spending more time at home. And we want you to know that flowers can be a unifying symbol of joy, beauty, cheerfulness and healing. Flowers have a positive effect on overall health, boost moods, and reduce stress.

A Rutgers University study has indicated that flowers bring happiness. Emphasizing the intrinsic value of flowers in the home as an everyday gift, or for self-use, will help provide joy, brightness, and hope. They can also help counteract the negative messages and darkness that is prevalent at this very moment. Flowers can ease troubled minds, and bring peace to hearts and souls in these times of anxiety and fear.



We are monitoring the situation and will make changes as necessary.



Kent Whitnah, President